So, I've been experimenting and learning about e-textiles, there is some pretty cool stuff out there incorporating electronics into cloth.  I've gotten one semi-successful thing under my belt, It has LEDs and it's ok, looks a little like mangy muppet at christmas, but you gotta start somewhere. No you can't see it. I should stay away from novelty yarns is all I'm going to say. But back into the linen, wire and straw mode now, and at least I have something warped.  I'll post some more pictures when I get a little more figured out.   Right now I need it to get dark so I can see if I like the way the light interacts with the sampling I've done.

Onward through the fog....





Started weaving today, and put some pictures up in the projects at

Here's the mock-up, with the lights on, I wanted to see what it did to the fabric.-- sort a disappears...




And here's one LED in.