First pebble weave project


<p>This was my third project on the backstrap loom and my first project in pebble weave! This is part of my masters in anthropology - Im doing a summer project where Im working with my universitys ethnographic collection to try and identify the andean belts they have. Since Im trying to put my new knowledge to direct use, Im trying to go through the techniques as fast as possible so that I can use that to better understand what Im looking at! Because of that, however, Im still having a bit of a hard time with some of the basic stuff you pick up with experience, like nice selvedges and even width. Its a strange experience having the technically complex part going so well while the basic stuff is still difficult. In any case im really proud of this one, and Ill be making a second, identical one and using them both as shoulder straps for a bag / cushion I intend to weave so I can return her zafu to my mom! As it shouldnt surprise anyone here, Ive been following Laverne Waddingtons books to learn backstrap weaving. This pattern is from her first book, Complementary-Warp Pick-Up.</p>

Project Dates: 
Monday, June 14, 2021 to Thursday, June 24, 2021
Length on Loom: 
Shrinkage Length: 
Shrinkage Width: 


I have been talking to many new weavers lately. Talking to new weavers always gives me an opportunity to reflect 9n my practices.

I admittedly only started using a temple a few years ago. I still do not use a temple on wool warps. I'm curious when others use temples. Do you always use one? Do you use it with certain warps, structures, techniques?

I look forward to an interesting discussion.

<p>Hello!&nbsp; I just purchased this loom with the intention of bringing it back to life and using it.&nbsp; I thought it was a Leclerc Mira or M Series, but after looking at it a little more closely, it doesn&#39;t thave any manufacturer marks or symbols and I&#39;m now unsure of what I have.&nbsp; Anyone recognize it?&nbsp; Information appreciated.&nbsp; I can provide additional info or photos, if needed.&nbsp; Thanks!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img alt="" height="960" src="/sites/default/files/loom_13