Hi all, am in Australia starting to research some facts on the weavebird with a dream to buy one. I have been weaving for 30 years or more on a 4 shaft floor loom. Am trying to gather info on what the weavebird is like to weave on. Can't find any retailers in Aus so may have to travel to Canada to try one and buy. Any feedback would be great

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Yvonne K

I imported a weavebird to Sydney, Australia, 18 months ago. I made arrangements online to purchase direct from Leclerc. They were extremely helpful and even arranged the shipping. I transferred money electronically. It all went really smoothly, and the loom is great.Yvonne

SallyE (not verified)

Tom Beaudet - "the loom doctor."   He is, I think, a Leclerc distributor who sometimes takes in used looms, fixes them up and resells them.  He is located in Massachusetts, USA.   You might get lucky and find one for a little less from him.