Please feel free to ask questions about the vocabulary here!

Warp- the threads that go on the loom, also the process of putting these threads on the loom.

Weft- the threads that go back and forth across the cloth and lock in the warp threads.

Shafts- The frames that hold heddles.

Heddle- the part of the shaft that individual threads go through.

Reed- the mechanism on the loom that spaces out the warp threads.

Beater- the mechanism that holds the reae and allows you to beat in the weft.

Shed- the space that is created when one or more shafts are raised or lowered on the loom.

Draft- the pattern. The draft shows which threads go in which shaft and the order in which shafts are raised or lowered to create the cloth.

Tie-up- the part of the draft that tells you which shafts you would tie to which treadles on a floor loom. The tie up indicates which shafts will be lifted to weave the cloth.

Lift Plan- the part of the draft that shows the order in which shafts are raised or lowered to create the cloth.

Shuttle- used to carry the weft thread through the shed.

Sett- how many warp threads there are per inch or per cm.

Warp Beam- The beam at the back of the loom that holds the warp while it is waiting to be moved into position to be woven.

Breast Beam- the beam at the front of the loom that helps hold the woven cloth taunt before it is wound onto the cloth beam.

Back Beam- the cross bar at the pack of the loom that the warp travels over before going through the heddles and reed to the front of the loom.

Brake- the mechanism that prevents the warp and cloth beams from spinning around freely.

Treadles- pedals under a floor loom that lift various shafts.

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