I took a class in designing for summer and winter, and this is what I did with it.  It should have been obvious, but if you do s & w on 24 shafts, you are lifting 22 shafts every 4th pick.  Even with a two box fly shuttle, this is slow, but I reallly like how it's turning out.  The warp is 10/2 pearl, in six colors, the tabby weft is 10/2; both used two strands as one.  The pattern weft is 4 strands of 10/2 in several shades plied together on a spinning wheel.



Can anyone tell me how to get this entered as a project instead of a discussion?  All of the projects I have seen posted don't have any pictures with them, so I posted it as a discusion.  I can't figure out how I got the duplicate images either, and I don't seem to be able to remove them.


(Love your turkeys!)

But: how did you manage to start a new thread (or discussion, or...)?

Since a long time I can't find a way to do that: when I go to the group's home page, the only thing I get is a listing of existing threads. I can answer (I think... we'll see). In the old days, there used to be something like "start a new thread" (can't remember the exact wording, "topic", perhaps?), but nowadays there is nothing.

I hate to have to use different browsers for different web sites - I use firefox, but have tried edge with the same results.

How did you do it?

(Sorry, haven't tried to add a new project - somehow the fun went out when I can't access the old ones...  Today "I" have more projects that last time, but 1: most of them aren't mine and 2: no pictures *at all*)


Starting at the home page (not at a group page) click on the small "Add" button in the upper right corner.  I have not been able to add pictures in the past, but it seemed to work this time.  However, I don't see new projects with pictures in them.  I don't think a project without a pic is very useful, so I posted it as a discussion.  Good luck.

I use chrome.  I hate the ads, but they all have ads, and Chrome seems to work best for me.

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