Tips for Sewing with Handwoven Fabrics

Hi there!

I'm hoping people have some tips/tricks to share for sewing with handwovens.  I make stuffed creatures, and in the past I have just used standard cotton fabrics.  I've been starting to experiment with weaving my own fabrics to make them out of (which I think would be incredible), but the problem is that the handwovens are much looser in weave and I haven't successfully found a way to help them hold up under the stress of sewing, turning, and stuffing.  I have read a few articles but have yet to find anything that has really helps.  Does anyone have any ideas for me?




The easiest thing to do would be to fuse a light weight interfacing to your fabric.


The Pellon product you linked to would be perfect, and is probably available at a sewing store instead of buyingit online, unseen.  You want something very light.


Yes, light would be good.  The curves are hard to keep from gathering even with regular fabrics, so a lot of added bulk would be difficult.  These give me some great options to try!  Thanks!

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