Threading Question


I am doing my first set of dish towels in a fairly fine cotton, and am in the middle of my threading. The warp is mostly white, with small sections of navy and red stripes. In one of the larger white stripe sections, I have 49 threads where I should have only 40. What I've done is double-thread alternate heddles 9 times so that the pattern is not altered. This stripe is about in the middle of my towel. 

My question is whether this solution is likely to be very noticeable. In the alternative, I could just pull out the extra threads from the heddles, and continue to pull them out as I unwind the beam while I weave. I'm not sure whether this will badly affect the spacing of the threads along the back beam. Which solution is likelier to be less noticeable?

Thank you in advance.




I usually just hang the extract thread off the back beam With weights. I sometime have broken threads and I replace them with the extracts.


I would choose to take the extra threads away and let them hang at the back. I can't imagine it would cause any trouble with the spacing, since it is fairly fine yarn. And I would be more worried that two ends per heddle would be more noticeable, like making a thicker stripe.


 Thanks, Ellen and Laurie! I didn't think about using weights, but I just happened to have bought some S hooks at the hardware store the other day, so I do have some.

That's a great idea about saving them for when I have a broken thread. I'm a new weaver, so I wouldn't have thought of that.



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