I'm thinking of putting a long wool warp on next and weaving enough for a long jacket. I don't want to get all math-y about it, but also hope to come up with at least six yards of finished fabric. I can't begin to imagine how much take-up there is in freestyle weaving. What has been your experience?

I'm tempted to put on a 10-yard warp and go with the flow. Or should I consider 12 yards instead?


SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Hi Weaver,

With a wool warp, some of it will depend on how you are finishing the cloth.  If you are felting it there could be a lot of shrinkage.  In general 10-yards for 6 yards of finished fabric seems plenty to me.

With much of my Saori cloth, I put on a long warp and weave and then decide what it will become and I never worry if there is extra as then I find something else to make with what is left - a bag to go with the jacket, etc.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create - the cloth and the finished jacket. 

Keep us posted.

Anyone else have thoughts on the warp length??

Happy Weaving,




Thanks for your thoughts on this. I like a lightly fulled surface, just enough to give the cloth some integrity but still retain a good bias drape.

I certainly prefer having too much fabric to not having enough. I can always add a collar or pockets, make a hat, or make a vest to wear underneath.  The possabilities are limitless.

Tomorrow I'm driving up to WEBS to pick out colours for my warp. My inspirations are the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts--hazy blues, greens and violets. I want to dye and spin some of my weft, augment it with leftovers from the warp, and add whatever else feels right. A bit of silk for sheen, some mohair to keep things light, some knitting yarn if the colours are right.

My yarn cupboard is woefully bare at the moment. I have some soft green alpaca and a nearly white mohair that reminds me of the mist rising from the lake.

SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Wow love the visuals you have described and the variety of fibres - sounds fabulous.

And yes - possibilities are endless!

Happy Weaving,


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