hi to all Saori Freestyle weavers,

are you still there? What are you weaving these days. It is so very quiet over here . Thought i should stire it up a bit.

Here is the link to my blog ,which recently move to wordpress.com since live space stops soon.On some of the pictures you can see my freestyle weavings.On the loom is my latest work. I call it "pink connections". Hope to post pictures in project when finished but I have less time for weaving as I temporary am working full time.

I would be glad to hear from you soon.

sincere greetings


SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

It has been quiet - maybe everyone is busy weaving.  I've been enjoying weaving different things lately - some are posted on my blog.  Here is my latest scarf - a quick weave for a Christmas party.Christmas Ruffle Scarf

The centre threads are pulled to make the ruffle.

Happy Weaving,


jeannine (not verified)

What a clever idea idea to pull treads to make  a ruffle. The scarf is beautiful. 

SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Thanks Jeannine!  I guess there's (at least) two ways to do it - one is to use wool down the centre so that it felts and makes the rest ruffle and the other is to pull the threads.

Happy Weaving


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