I have just set up the compu dobby on my new to me AVL 16 shaft Production dobby loom. When the solenoid check is going though its sequence when the compu dobby is turned on shaft 3 finger (don't know what else to call it) pulls in slightly and gets stuck down when the solenoid check comes to it. I am in Australia so cannot visit or call AVL but will email them following this post. Can anyone help/suggest what I can do to amend the problem? It is a Compu dobby 1.  Thanks in anticipation of replies. 



I found AVL to be very responsive to my emails asking for help with my CD I.  Have you gone through the adjustments in the manual?  If you didn't get a manual, you can download them from AVL.

rosslyn lyall

Thanks BWSD. I took off the compu dobby and adjusted the shaft 3 finger over a little and this fixed the problem. Fantastic! Now I have to figure out how to test shaft 1 and 16 with a weave program and connect up the loom control port (though a USB AVL recommended.) Thanks also for replying to my last post. I lost the cross and have  spent hours eyeballing ends  attempting to get them straight through to the sectional areas. I should have started with a scarf but hopefully I can get one rug to look like Kelly Marshall's Waterdance pattern.