Small AVL TDL for sale in western NC near Asheville


If you are interested in a multi shaft dobby loom, with no issues for treadling lots of shafts, I have this TDL (#2141) for sale. Have woven on AVL’s since 1989 and have owned this very nice little one for about 4 years. Bought it used but added lots of features. Love it but just don’t have room since I got a new, wider loom with more shafts recently.


  • 30” weaving width.

  • 24 shafts, 2000+ heddles dyed in sets of 4, there are extras in each color not mounted on the shafts.

  • CDIII, with cable and Keyspan adapter to use with a USB port.

  • E-lift, plug into the wall and change the shed by tapping a foot pedal. Though the original treadles with cables are still available. It does treadle fairly easily without the E-lift. I just wanted to be able to weave as long as possible.

  • New style auto advance, quick and easy adjustments.

  • 10, 12, 14 dent reeds are 35” wide

  • Two warp beams, one yd. Sectional with 2” sections on top, plain below.

  • Tension box rail.

  • Raddle to use for warping plain beam, back to front.

  • Strip light mounted on the top left cross member.

  • $7900 if picked up



Could be seen and picked up during SAFF at the end of October. I might be able to ship it, at seller’s expense, as I have a large plywood shipping carton in storage. That could cost as much as $500 and I would have to do some dis-assembly.

I can send photos if you

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