Is anyone in the middle of restoring a Lillstina loom, either floor or table loom? Share your tips and tricks!



I am having some  problems with the treadles, their height after tie up,

which treadle to which shaft works best?  and any other tips you may

like to pass on.


Joanne Hall

Center treadles work best.  And, don't tie them up too high.  They should touch the floor when the shed is big enough.  Or, they should nearly touch the floor.  That makes the treadling much more comfortable. 



I have a Lillstina loom that I haven't used for 30 years.  Now I'm retired and starting again.  Would it be possible to change the string heddles to metal heddles, or do I need to find another loom to use metal?  I'm currently away from home and using a jack loom with metal and finding I like them.



I am looking over comments and everything seems to be over a year old. Is anyone still on here that still has a Lillstina loom that you brought back to life? I just acquired one 2 days ago. It will be my 6th loom in my corral but have had several since learning to weave in 2008. I have never had anything remotely like this Lillstina. It needs some lovin but I would like to connect with someone that has one and pick your brain.


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