DD's  -  I need to ask for some catch up help, as I am only a week out from bariatric surgery and couldn't get started before went into the hospital last week.  I plan to make a wool blanket/ throw - on my 4 shaft might wolf loom.  I've been working on research and have a couple questions as I've never woven DD project before.  I will use a 8 dent reed, using a sett of 16 epi.  Since I have a 4 shaft -will keep it simple & do plain weeave on both layers & prefer to have the fold at the left.  I have tie ups ready.  Just need to check on details of setting up the harnesses & reed.  If I do 1/2 as top layer & 3/4 as bottom lay - ???  Does that mean I thread straight draw - 1-2-3-4 across & then feed 2 ends through each reed space ???  I make that to be 576 Warp ends - BUT - ? Don't I have to adjust the epi density at the fold ???   The Diagrams in Jennifer Moore's Doubleweave book are confusing - PLEASE Remember I'm still looped out on Painkillers.  So I apologize if the questions are dumb.  I'm hoping to get the warp on by next week & at least have something to show before Halloweave ends.  My Thanks in advance - 



If  you want to thread a straight draw, I think it would be easier to designate 1 and 3 for one layer, 2 and 4 for the other.

To weave with the fold on the left, begin with the shuttle on the right and treadle 1 which will bring up half of the threads for the top layer.

The shuttle is now on the left.  

Treadle 1 +2 + 3.  This brings all of the top layer up, plus half of the threads of the botton layer.

The shuttle is now on the right.

Treadle 1 +3 + 4.  This will weave the other half of the bottom layer.

The shuttle is on the left.

Then treadle 2.  This weaves the other half of the top layer.  The shuttle is now on the right again and the fold is at the left.

Hope you are feeling better from your surgery soon.  



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