Hi this is Candis.  I have this Hammett floor loom.  I had to clean it because it was not used for quite some time.  I tied the loom up the way I beleive it should be and the problem I am having when I press on the treadles and when I release it the treadle does not come back up.  Is this correct or have I tied it up wrong.  Thank you




I am not sure if I tied it up correctly.  The treadles are not coming up when released.  If any one know about the way to tie up an old Hammett Floor loom I would appreciate it.  Thank you


There is usually no "One way" to tie up a loom.  Whatever draft you are using will show you a tie up diagram.  I am not familiar with Hammets, but I beleive they are counterbalance looms.  Each treadle will tie up to two shafts.  Each time a treadle is pressed, one shaft goes up and one down.  The treadle and the lamm must balance the two shafts.  A warp is part of the balance of the loom, and CB looms usually do not behave well with out a warp threaded and tied on.  Without knowing how you have tied it up, it's hard to say what might be wrong.  

There aren't special tie ups for different loom manufacturers (i.e, Leclerc CB looms are tied up the same way that Glymakra CB looms).

Erica J


My apologies, this loom appears to be a counterbalance loom. I'm not very familiar with counterbalance looms. I believe the weight of the shafts that are raised should pull the treadle back up and put the shed back to the neutral position. So my first question would be is there anything keeping this from happening? Check all the places that the cords go. Does that make sense?


The answer to your question is no, this is not tied up correctly.  Please look at my earlier post; each treadle needs to be tied to two shafts.  I'm sorry to be critical, but this isn't close.  The Glymakra website has information on CB looms and how to tie them up.  I suggest a basic weaving book with information on how to read a draft and tie up your loom according to that draft.  What you have is not going to work, and there are many, many reasons why it won't.  I think that you wanted to weave plain weave and thought that if you use two shafts, two lamms and two treadles, that would work.  This loom is not designed to work in that way,  You need to tie up all the treadles in order to balance it.

The easiest way to weave plain weave on a 4 shaft loom is to thread 1,2,3,4; tie threadle 1 to 1 & 3, 2 to 2 & 4, 3 to 1&2, 4 to 2&3, 5 to 3&4, 6 to 1&4.  This is standard twill tie up for a 4 shaft CB loom.  1 and 2 weave plain weave.  If you look at a draft for plain weave, this is what it will be describing.

sally orgren

Look up books that have illustrations for a counterbalance loom. Lilla Lundell's "Big Book of Weaving", or Peggy Osterkamp's "Warp & Weave" book are very well illustrated.


If you want to use only the two shafts you already have threaded, tie it up as I described.  Use the two treadles that each have one of the two shafts you have threaded.  If you have threaded 1 and 2, that would be treadles 1 and 2 or 4 and 6.

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