I have a "floating harness" problem which I've never encountered before, and would appreciate advice/thoughts on resolution with (hopefully) an alternate tie-up idea, since I believe the problem is a combination of weaving dukagang style on my Mighty Wolf loom.

The project is an 8-shaft summer & winter draft in 8/2 cotton (heart border/plain weave) from Interweave's "Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Towels on Eight Shafts."  Here's a screenshot of the tie-up and the treadling for the plain weave with the first two treadles where the problem occurs:

Treadle 1 raises shafts 3-8 and treadle two raises shafts 1+2.  Shaft 1 is then used for each of the other treadles, plus additional shafts for the pattern.

When I press treadle 1, shaft 1 floats up!  I've gone through all of the trouble-shooting per Schacht Product Support, but the article seems to address sticky harnesses, not floating (despite its title):


I also read a 7-year-old Weavolution thread with a similar problem, but the Schacht treadle aid bands (and Lunatic Jazz Bands) are designed only for the Baby Wolf, not the Mighty Wolf.  Here's that discussion:


Hence, I'm looking for an alternative tie-up to accomplish the heart border design... if at all possible.  I'm an "advanced beginner" whose only talent is following directions; thus, creating an alternative tie-up is beyond my ken. 

Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance!

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