Linen towels finished

Just thought I'd mention that I have finished and posted the linen towels I had mentioned and shown when in progress a while back. They came out really nice I think.



 These are Great! I love the stripe sequence. Hard to believe both warp and weft are in natural. They look like two different colors!

Good job!


Hi. Thanks

I used unbleached cotton 16/2 for warp and unbleached linen 16/1 for weft. For the inkle bands I used linen 16/2 "boiled" (that's what it said! I fell for the slightly rugged look of it a while back and bought a cone)



Just found the picture of your towels and they are lovely.  I dug out my STASH of very old linens this morning and am debating what to do.  I am reading through some old notebooks from the 50's for inspiration, so we will see what happens.

thanks for the inspiration,


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