i have a Lillstina 8 shaft 28 inch table loom on legs that I have had since the 70s. Your enthusiasm might increase it's status among my herd of looms. The matching bench needs a board replaced and all of the heddles should be replaced. I am not sure I would replace the heddles with Texsolv since it is easy to tie heddles using a jig.   I am intrigued by your comment about unique warping method??  I have heard of 4 shaft Lillstina conversion between table loom and floor loom. Not sure I would do it for 8 shafts but that also interests me. 


ALittlebird (not verified)

The floor loom is warped differently than a normal loom and I have found that people who own these often don't know that the warp goes around the bottom steel beam. The path comes over the back beam, down to the steel beam and then up to the warp beam. You are able to then crank up to a very hig tension if need be.

They are quite nice looms. 


Does anyone have a live link to a Lillstina Manual?

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