Is anyone aware of a weaving or fiber guild in the Charlotte, NC area?  I have heard of Charlotte' Web, but there is not even a web site to get info on them.  The Piedmont guild is in Gastonia, but I would be closer to a giuld in Hickory.  I think there is one in Hickory.  I know there are weavers in this area, after all this is still NC.  I am still new and could really use some help from experienced people.




Debbie NC

thanks for your help.  I have checked that site before.  There seems to be a big black hole of fiber arts in this area, east of Asheville and west of Winston.  I did find a NC list that had this group.

The Fiber Artists' Guild of Charlotte


But there is no information, and a google turned up nothing.

Erica J


I'm not in NC, but have had the same problem in the UK. I have the choice of two active Guilds, Cambridge an hour away or London 2 hours away. The guild that is listed as being closest to me does not seem to be active. I know this doesn't really help find you a guild, but I hope it helps to know you're not alone in having difficulty finding and active face to face group.

In the meantime, I hope you'll feel that Weavolution in your local guild until you find a face to face group. It is one of the reasons I love Weavolution. It is like a guild that meets all day every day!

Good luck in your search,


Liese (not verified)

Here's the link for the Piedmont Fiber Guild that meets in Gastonia. I understand that they used to meet in Charlotte. Very welcoming, with a weaving sub group. I see now that you are looking for a group nearer Hickory, don't know of any there.


If you would like to drive over to Salisbury, we have a small informal weaving group and meet in the early evening the first Wed. of the month.  Just send me a note for more info.

Dawn McCarthy

Hi Debbie, I just moved back to the area and hope to set up a studio and get a local guild going.  I have 6 floor looms for teaching!  Let me know if you are interested!