great morning in Birmingham

I made my second-ever visit to the Birmingham (AL) Fibre guild..."inspired" by running into a member at the Mineral and Lipidary society meeting!  Thanks, Cindy!  So, home and in bed well after midnight, to Selma, quick "nap" then up and at it again 5 hours later to head BACK to "Vulcanville" where I joined and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the memberships.  I dog-sitter glitch meant Miss Daisy also attended and everyone was gracious about her being there.  Of course, once the "may I pet her?" started, she took over the spotlight, as usual.  Thanks, Ladies, you made my dog's DAY!  She loves nothing better than being the centre of attention!

See y'all again soonest!

Nancy C.



You are welcome to drop in on the DeSoto Fiber Guild which meets the third Saturday of each month in Gadsden at the Cultural Arts Center, downtown. You can drive Miss Daisy here, too; I think everyone is dog friendly, though we haven't tested that concept yet.



Group Audience