..in more ways than one.  I've been lurking on the forums for a while and finally got brave enough to register and join in Halloweave.  I learned how to spin and dye my own yarns in the past year and have been afraid to use them up to now, but you've all inspired me to finally suck it up and do something.

I decided to weave a scarf out of a singles yarn that started out as organically raised rambouillet fleece from a local ranch, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I call the colorway "Playing With Fire" because the dyed locks looked like flames, with bright gold bases that shaded to deep red.  

This is only my second weaving project so far.  I'm having a bit of trouble with the selvages, but I'm learning fast!

Here's the scarf:

"Playing With Fire" scarf

And here's a closeup that shows the colors much closer to what they actually look like: 

"Playing With Fire" detail




Very nice.  Good for you, taking the plunge.  :)




Yes, good for you, and beautiful colors!

r1mein54 (not verified)

Great colors. Glad you "jumped into the deep end" and are showing us some nice results.

Erica J

This is just lovely! Excellent work!

suzyhok (not verified)

Congratulations! The colors are scrumptious! isn't it fun to create something with your very own handspun yarns?


Thanks for the compliments and encouragement!  Yes, I have to admit it's an amazing feeling when I realize that I took wads of greasy, dirty fluff and managed to turn it into something so pretty!  Now... what to do next.... hmmmm.....

francorios (not verified)

That is some pretty yarn!


Have a good day!

Erica J

I wonder if should have used my for weft instead, but we'll see! This is still a very inspiring project!
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