Getting an AVL workshop going?

How many of us would be interested in getting one of the "Traveling Teacher" workshops in this area?  I would be glad to host, since I have ample space and two dobby looms and a weaving workshop in a separate building.

This would be primarily regional, but, if we get it going, of course, anybody who wants to travel would be welcome.  I could also put up the instructor.

I am crossposting to a couple of other relevant forums.

Nancy C.


PS anybody considering an AVL who wants to view or try out my looms is welcome to drop by!  Just let me know a couple of days ahead.



Hi, Nancy,

I was catching up on some of the postings here.  The group of ladies that I work with in the northeast Alabama area (DeSoto Fiber Guild, which meets in Gadsden) might have one or two people that would be interested in such a workshop--all depending on time and location and cost.  I can bring up the topic in next month's meeting to gauge interest.  Could you give more details on what you had in mind?





Hi Nancy,

I have only been weaving a couple of years.  Just recently added an AVL to the family.  Are you still local here in Alabama?  I am in Grand Bay.

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