I thought it might be nice to have a place to discuss our first samples. I just saw mine the other day in tidying the studio. I did not, regretably, stop to take a photo to post, but I promise I will.

how is your first sample going? Have you had any realizations? Challenges?


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The message to my email identified First Sample as a post to the group studying Tabby to Taquete. Hope this message provides clarity in that regard. 

The group attitude about sampling and watching Nancy Hoskins videos have changed my starting point from duplicating the samplers to sampling. This is enough less formidable that I have started sampling on a warp I need to weave off that is narrower. The way Nancy Hoskins deals with selvages and the discussion about temples in another Weavolution thread have helped me deal with the differences between the sampler warp and the warp at hand. This is a major breakthrough toward overcoming the perfectionist within that holds me back. I selected materials for the color study challenge for doing it in bound weave So I now see that as the first sampler I will post.