A step above just using handspun in your weaving......Get 5 of your friends to join you and participate in Fiber Fusion Sheep-to-Shawl 2015.

Fiber Fusion is about education and inspiration!    No better way to challenge yourself, show what you do, and inspire others to spin and weave than to participate in a Sheep-to-Shawl competition. 

Fiber Fusion is held on October 10 - 11, 2015 in Durham, CA (2 miles south of Chico)

Fiber Fusion is taking applications for Sheep-To-Shawl Competition.

  • Shetland is the Breed of the Year. 
  • We have openings for only 4 teams.
  • We will be awarding $500. 
  • Each team is 6 people (1 speaker, 1 carder, 2 spinners, 1 plyer, and 1 weaver). 

Fiber Fusion wants to keep the s2s open to everyone, so we allow 1 piece of E-Equipment per team - so spinners that have difficulty using a treadle wheel can still participate!

Visit our website fiber-fusion.org for more information or contact [email protected].

With a large marketplace, demonstrations, hands-on activities (for children & adults), mini workshops, classes, fiber animals (including Elvis the Tibetan Yak), yarn & textile competition, and sheep dog trials - there is something for everyone - and two days may not be enough to see it all.

Grab your friends or family and plan a Road Trip

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Erica J

Very cool! Please let us k n ow how the event went!

Have fun!

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