From double width to the many ways of using exchanging layers, I can't wait to see what you all do with your studies!



When I was a beginner, a theoretical weaver (i.e. a reader of weaving books, but without a loom), I figured I would never do double weave.  Then when I got my loom, dressing the loom seemed like an overwhelming job, and I just couldn't understand why anyone would try to thread twice as many ends as they "needed".  Then I knew I would never do double weave.  So when I started this book, and its associated challenge, I wondered if I might just skip this chapter.

But no.  In part because I would like to eventually weave a wide blanket.

But then reading this chapter, and the weaving exchange of my land-based guild collided.  My local guild is going to have a christmas ornament exchange.  I felt uninspired.  I thought about ignoring the exchange, that is, just not participate.  Harumph. 

But - a little germ of an idea began to take form.  What if I weave a narrow tube - stabilize it so it isn't floppy - and turned that into an ornament!  So here I go.  I am going to make a 2 1/2 inch wide warp, and weave it as a tube.  It will be striped.  And maybe it will work.

Thor (not verified)

A banner in Doubleweave Pick Up to celebrate a birth. I didn't know any better so I had nothing to fear...and it was amazing! You can do this! 

I found Jennifer Moore's videos to be my best resource as I tend to learn best by watching someone else do it.


And just your second woven item ever?  Truly impressive.

After making that entry, I went ahead and measured out my warp so I will have to follow through.  Just need to empty the loom.  My tiny project is very modest, but I think it will also be fun.  Thanks for your support.

Oh that that twisted fringe - with beads I suspect - is icing on the cake.  Benjamin is a lucky child. 

Erica J

Yeah I haven't woven a ton of double weave, but when the need arises it is really cool and useful! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous double weave again Thor. It is one f my all time favorites here!

Happy weaving!!