A friend of mine is cleaning out her parents' garage, and has offered me a 36" Hewson Counterbalance Loom. It's in pieces, but all the parts appear to be there. Does anyone know anything about this brand? Neither of us has ever heard of it before.


I'm geeked, but nervous. about assembling it. (And about clearing out the fabric stash to make room for it.)


sally orgren

is the textile library at the Handweaving Museum, Thousand Islands Arts Center, in Clayton, New York. They have vintage craft magazines from the 30-60's with ads for all kinds of looms. I took lots of photos of the ads when I was attending the Weaving History Conference last May, but the name of your loom doesn't ring a bell.

The 2018 Weaving History Conference is next week, but the library collection can be accessed anytime with advance notice. (I like to access the library when the conference is happening, because you'll have experts at your side who can guide you.)

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