Hello!  I am a fairly new weaver and my first project on my home loom had a wavy weft- not a straight line. Does anyone know what would cause this?




Without knowing what kind of loom, warp and weave structure you are using, it's hard to be sure, but the most common reason for an irregular or wavy fell is uneven tension in the warp.


Hi- it is a LeClaire loom and just doing tabby using 8/2 cotton. I had trouble getting it on in spots, so I was afraid it was tension. Do you think there is a way to correct or just go with it?

Sara von Tresckow

If you are at the beginning of the warp, you can cut it off the tieon bar, carevully pull it out (choke tying every half yard as you go) - leaving the lease sticks in. Then hold your warp firmly with even tension and beam it again. Otherwise you will have this issue all the way to the end.

Just going with it will give you odd (or worse) cloth.

sally orgren

I concur with Sara - leaving the lease sticks in place, but after pulling all the warp out to the front, I would use water bottles hung on each bout of warp (each bout no bigger than 2" wide in the reed). As you rebeam the warp, the water bottles keep consistent and even tension on ALL of the warps. When the water bottles reach the front beam, lower each in turn. You can also "snap" or firmly tug on the warp, to remove any loose or errrant threads. Do not comb. I have observed that beginning weavers holding their warp might not realize they are pulling on the warp to one side as they reach for the crank, or introduce other irregularities into the process. I like to limit the variables when warping, to ensure I get as perfectly beamed and tensioned warp as possible, and for solo warping, have found this to work consistently and quickly for me.
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