Where do you get your weaving fleece? This tweekend, I visited a farm to purchase some fleece to spin for weaving.  I did a blog item on it.  I thought some spinners/weavers might be interested as it includes pictures of sheep, fleece and other things we love.


Weaving uses up a lot of wool--maybe we could share how we each keep stocked up.



 I am working through the backlog of fleeces that I bought but did not use while my children were tiny and my spinning time extremely limited.  So I am of little use right now, but I'd love to learn about others' sources for when I run out.

crazylace (not verified)

 I get mine from the local farm animal sanctuary,Worcs. lots of beautiful types and colours there, also the rare breed farm - Cotswold farm park, Glos. who have fleeces all bagged up for sale between about June-September. sometimes local farmers.

sgt_majorette (not verified)

Ha! That's hilarious!

I took up weaving to burn up all the stash from my compulsive spinning habit!

Primary shearing is in spring; some breeds are shorn again in the fall. I belong to a Yahoo group called Fleece for Sale where growers simply list what they have and then you contact them off list if you're interested. These are all raw fleeces, so you have to decide you enjoy washing and prepping the fleece.

If you buy off eBay, you can get smaller amounts, and it might be washed.


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