I am working on some turned tarquette towels in 8/2 cotton.  The draft indicates the weft should be 21 ppi and the warp 20 threads per inch. Although the warp width is 19 inches at the reed, I am experiencing draw in (with the use of a temple) of almost an inch. Also, the ppi of my weaving is greater than 21- closer to 30 ppi.

So far, my work looks fine, and I think the finished product will be OK, however, what do I need to do differently to achieve what the draft indicates?  Am I beating too heavily?




Here is a link that may provide some information:



Joanne Hall

When I designed my 8/2 cotton towel kits, I chose to suggest a 12 dent reed and 24 per inch for a number of reasons.  One is that there is less draw-in if the sett is appropriate or a little tighter than a balanced weave.  Not only is this easier to weave, but warp stripes will also show more.  If you beat more lightly, you will experience less draw-in, but if this is a normal beat for you and your loom, then a closer sett would work better, especially if you are not weaving plain weave.

There can sometimes be a difference in the thread from one manufacturer to another, but the most important factor is the loom.  If you are weaving on a large counterbalance or countermarch loom, your sett can be a little tighter, since you will be able to beat a tighter weave.  20 per inch might be ok for plain weave on a table loom, a small jack loom or someone who beats very lightly, but it will give you a looser weave, which may not be appropriate for a towel.



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