OK. This is the fourth time I have tried to post. Hopefully it will work this time.

I am desperate for a draft for Lily Pad overshot. I managed to lose my copy and, of course, have an order for it. It may have been a Landes draft, but google search came up empty. I thought it was in the Arizona archives, but no luck locating it.overshot I am hopeless at working backward to figure it out myself.  I do know that it is quite old. It looks a bit like Dogwood, but much cleaner.



I spent about 25 minutes looking for you.  It isn't in Mary Black's Key to Weaving, did you look in Davison's book?

Hopefully Reedguy or Laura Fry will pop in - they might know.  I would like to know, too.  Its a lovely pattern.


I've drawn something up quick that seems to be what your after?

Peg R

Perfect! Thank you so much! You would think that after 30 years, I could figure out how to do this, but I appear to be hopeless! Thank you again.

Kelly Range

Hey Reedguy, I guess the tabby is understood? 


I think this may be from Josephine Estes' Original Miniature Patterns for Handweaving, Part 1 (found it on cs.arizona.edu) called Pond Lily instead of Lily Pad.


Peg R

Thank you so much! That's it! This time, I printed out duplicate copies.Laughing


I liked the picture you posted so much, I wanted the pattern too!!  So, 'thank you' to you too. 


that I hope we will see both your projects.



Queezle and Peg R, I finally did my Pond Lily overshot runner.  I changed it up a little bit as I didn't want all pond lilies, so I alternated with a different treadling which kind of reminds me of dragonflies.  Hence, my Pond Lily and Dragonflies runner.  I'll try to post the pic........

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