I have seen the demos of wrapping your fibers around a piece of cardboard to visualize combinations in stripes. It is here I can see the importance of Proportion most clearly.

Have you worked with designer rules/tips that worked? Broken the rules?

Are you drawn to certain types of stripes?

Are there any basic design rules for proportion, such as there are in color values?========================


 ♦ Design to Weave With the Fibonacci Numbers -  http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2014/08/designs-for-weaving/

 ♦ Search Pinterest to see samples - key words 'striped fabrics




I have thought to, but I just haven't done it yet.  I can see how it is a great design tool but for some reason I just haven't,  probably due to the fact that I tend to be a bit lazy with details.

On the other hand,  I have used the Fibonacci series a lot.  Almost all of my warp stripes, both symmetrical and asymmetrical are bases on Fibonacci.  It works every time I have used it.  That is my most "go to " design tool and it just does not disappoint. 



Weavezine article by Barbara Walker - http://www.weavezine.com/content/woven-ratios.html

Shows a Chart for a numerical intensity value that can help with ratio of colors in any weave pattern.


I used advice from both methods to design my first stripe. The desired look is a global, matte fabric for a small pouch.

  1. I only had 3 colors wool. A black or white yarn to use as definition would be good to keep on hand.
  2. I had to adjust the planned number of times I wrapped the thread to visually produce the planned ratio due to different weights in the fibers. I added more wraps to the darkest thread to balance the thick light thread.
  3. Even with the bright violet, I still felt it needed another accent color to make it get noticed.I do not want the expense nor the wait for a mail order. Embellishing with metallic charms may make the difference.

I read you can mix wool and cotton, as long as you keep one type fiber in the warp and the other in the weft. Or, alternate each one in the warp. So I will not add that one cotton thread to my warp just to get the twinkle from one stripe.

Stripe design wrapped on white cardPouch stripe with metal coins

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