We recently took a trip to Cornwall and rather than take a loom, I took a break from traveling with weaving and took my wheel and basket of  BFL. I'm using my stash of dyed BFL tops to try different techniques for spinning dyed tops. I think it will be good for me to focus on one fibre type for this process.

What are you spinning now that spring has sprung?



for a couple of weeks but am planning on taking my wheel home with me in May when I go up for a short visit. I will be finishing off some natural BFL - unless I finish that before I go. If that is the case, I will grob something from my dyed stash. I will also be picking up a new to me wheel that my sister's boss is giving me. It was her MIL's. I know nother about it except that it is free! I figure if I don't like it I can always sell it.


at the moment, visiting my son on the west coast and then visiting Yosemite National Park. I've brought a spindle and some random roving with me so hopefully I'll take advantage of some down time to spin. I'm working on getting used to using a suspended spindle in addition to a wheel. 


Today my big wheel holds the third color of commercial yarn I'm plying together for a deflected doubleweave project.  Plied, it should be about 12/2.  Then I'll go back to some fine unknown-breed wool my husband got me, and then on to some lovely lovely lovely long black polwarth locks.  I got them to do some of my goofy tuft yarn (looks like wolf yarn) but it's just too nice.  Drying, I have Clun Forest.  

You've probably guessed that I'm trying to sample as many breeds as I can, mimimun 8 oz each, but usually a pound.  I've finished CVM and California Red in the past month.  

My little wheel in the go bag is nearing the end of black bamboo.  I have soy silk and sea cell in queue.  There is no logic why I have animal on the big wheel and plant on the little one.

I'm trying to master a Russian supported spindle.  A spontaneously-formed study group stayed late after spinners' guild to watch the video and try my supported spindle.  I'm practicing on merino, but might put off spinning the polwarth until I am happy with this spindle and can use it on the polwarth.

Prepping for my trip to the Galapagos in June, I've gotten some gorgeous camel-silk blend.  The question is, my stone spindle or my modular one . . .?

Jean M Peterson (not verified)

Hello All.  I need a good kick in the pants regarding my spinning.  I fell off the wagon for a number of years due to a mysterious (at the time) illness.  Now I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and I am re-learning my wonderful fiber crafts.  I've concentrated on knitting because I've done that since age 8.  That's about 50 years!! When I fell ill, I was in an Apprentice Spinning Course.  I can't believe how much I spun and I have tons of fiber to spin and ideas.  But, relearning is the trick.  I want to set goals  but find myself thinking about knitting whenever I try.  Please send me some "kicks."  Thanks.

Erica J


That is great!I am the same sometimes, I spin regularly for weeks, or months and then something happens and when I get distracted, I need a reminder of the joys of spinning! :)

Erica J

Whew we might be having summer early here in the UK.

I read less than a page of a back issue of Plymouth magazine and I just had to spin!

Now my bobbin is a bit more full.

Joyce (not verified)

There's always the good intentions of taking my wheel out to the deck and spin in the evening.  Lately I'm using my new to me drum carder and learning how to make batts.  

Erica J


I can see spinning mor ein the winter. Recently I've been the crazy spinner lady who took her wheel on vacation with her. I took my Minstrel to Cornwall. I may have to take it along to Loch Ness this summer too!

I'd love to see phtos of the batts you are making!

Erica J

I wasn't going to spin tonight, then I remembered how good it is for my planar's faciatus! :)

Off I go to my wheel.

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