I thought it would be interesting to read which Tapestry books you like and why. I'm always looking for another " good one" to add to my library! I really like all the books by Kathe Todd-Hooker. Tapestry 101, So Warped, Line in Tapestry , and Shaped Tapestry. There are lots of illustrations and clear instructions ( I think) . I also like Carol Rusell's book Tapestry Handbook. The Next Generation. Again good illustrations , covers all sorts of techniques, plus beautiful photos of tapestries.

what do you like? You don't have to be a member of Tapestry House to respond:). Cathie



working through some of the design exercises in Carol Russell's The Tapestry Handbook.  I do not know if it would be concidered a favorite, but it has good, workable instructions.  Tried to take a picture of the sample, but my camera batteries are dead - I will get to that and get a picture up.

tommye scanlin

Hello tapestry spooks!

I'm not in the house but Cathie said that anyone could chime in and so I thought I'd give a few thoughts about books about tapestry.  First off, those mentioned are very good.  Kathe Todd-Hooker's books are always very thorough in technical info. 

A couple that I like are Tapestry Weaving-Design and Technique by Joanne Soroka, and The Thread's Course in Tapestry by Mette Lise Rossing. 

Another source for a list of tapestry books is at the American Tapestry Alliance website in the Education link.  Here's the specific link to it:  http://americantapestryalliance.org/education/books-on-tapestry-weaving-technique/  The Excel sheet of listing shows 82 books!  And I'm sure there are more that aren't shown.  Some are older but, as with other topics, sometimes the technical info in older books is invaluable... photos may not be most appealing to our 2015 eyes but... ever looked at the hairstyles and clothes from 20 or 30 years ago :-)) !

All of you who're making the Halloweeve push in the Tapestry House... have fun!  You have a great head of house in Cathie!


Thanks for stopping by Tommye and for your comments! Please feel free to comment anytime this month with thoughts, advice, what spells you're casting!

You've mentioned two books that I don't know of that I must research now! I'm always excited to add new reference material to my Library!

Yes, of course the ATA website! Are you members of The American Tapestry Alliance? Go check out the website and you'll see beautiful, inspiring tapestries from around the world. Great org. If you like to do tapestry or appreciate them!

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