Happy April, everyone.

I am on vacation, and have a bit of internet time, so thought I'd start this chapter's thread.  Happy weaving everybody!



I wove two honeycomb samples on my 8-shaft straight draw sample.  One was the rectangle honeycomb (page 88, figure 4.6) - it gave a great 3D fabric, and really does look like rectangles.


rectangle waffle weave sample

rectangle waffle weave, sample 2

Here are a couple more photos.

This was really satisfying to weave, despite how much its size is reduced from take up.  Even the teenager say "oh cool!"/


This sample is also from this chapter -- page 90 of MWS.  Its called Brighton Honeycomb, but to be honest, it really does not have much depth.  Nevertheless, it is pretty interesting, and makes a very stable fabric.  The top and bottom look a bit different, and I've put photographs of both below.

tie up for brighton honeycomb MWS chapter 4

Brighton Honeycomb, top

Brighton Honeycomb, bottom


They look great Queezle. :) Have you tried this structure in a fine yarn like 20/2 cotton as well? Yarn size does make a difference sometimes.

Have a good one.


Nice Queezle, nice deep cells on the first one, I agree they look great! I def. like the color combos! Cathie

Erica J

Thank you for starting the discussion! Your samples look fantastic! I nearly have my warp on the loom! ;)


Reedguy, I am sure you are right that a fine yarn would make these look much better.  I snuck these samples into my warp for sampling twill (and have not yet gotten all the sample photos posted).  I hope to design and measure, warp, and weave something for this chapter, and I will use something finer. 

One of my early projects, back in the day, was a waffle weave dish towel, and it was before I embraced sampling.  I found measuring the warp to be quite onerous, and so planned for a 16 inch wide dishtowel and hoped for minimal draw in.  Can you imagine my surprise when I took it out of the drier and found it barely big enough for a wash cloth!

Erica J

I am threading my organic cotton warp now. I am threading 16 shafts straight draw. I plan to play with the 8 shaft draft you did Queezle, usin the second 8 shafts the same as the f I rst, then move on tothe 16 shaft Brighton Honeycomb! :)

I have been a bit intimidated by this number of shafts, but it's no different from 4 shafts really, well when threading.


After hearing about the virtue of many more shafts in satin, I'm realizing its probably just a matter of time before I get something bigger!

I hope you love the rectangle draft - I have not had a minute to revisit the book (just got back from vacation last night, and tonight 20 lacrosse players decend on my home for dinner) - but I anticipate another warp for sampling.

Erica J

I'm 10a third of the way through threading ny 16 shaft straight draw warp!!! My mind is reeling with all the possibilities!  I am focusing on the waffle weave for now, but watch out!

I've got a magnetic board and some magnets on their way to help me keep track of the treadling, since this is a table loom!