Looks like Babelcolor has suspended sales of the Munsell posters "until further notice".  So I won't be able to get one just yet.  When I checked about three weeks ago, they were still available.  :(




Anne Vincent

I've got a call into Fairchild Publishers.  They have the rights to the Munsell items.  If they call me back I'll ask about the posters.  I want to check on the additional pages.  I can't find them online anywhere, yet.

Karren K. Brito

I'm not sure they approve of it, it probably does NOT meet their color accuracy standards.

dancingfish (not verified)

I contacted Babel Color by email, and while they've disabled buying the poster on their site, they still had two available.  I've ordered one, so now they have just one available...  They said they didn't know when they would be making them available again, and in any case, not before September.  Thought I'd mention it here in case anyone else needs one that doesn't already have it.