Does this look right?

i followed this and ended up with orange/red - not beige - any ideas where i'm going wrong?

thank you very much!


I need 1.25ml of dye and i take the 30% and multiply by 1.25

30% = 37.5

30% = 37.5

25% = 31.25

15% = 18.75


so would i then multiply the sum by 0.5%?

37.5 = 1.875ml

37.5 = 1.875ml

31.25 =  1.56ml

18.75 = .93


for the last amount - i would need to take 10ml of the 2% stock Navy and put in my 100ml flash, then fill my flask to 100 ml mark with water to dilute. then i would measure 9.3g of the navy?





Anne Vincent

What I did was to take the 1.25ml of total dye needed to do a 0.5% DOS (so the DOS is already taken into account).  Then I followed Karren suggestion and diluted the 2% stocks 10:1 by putting 10ml in the 100ml flask and adding 90ml water.  I then took 10ml of the 10:1 solution, put it into the 100ml flask, added 90ml water and had a 100:1 solution.  Your first set of calculated amounts is what I used and the result is gold.  So:

37.5ml of the 100:1 solution of Yellow

37.5ml of the 100:1 solution of Gold

31.25ml of the 100:1 solution of Scarlet

18.75ml of the 100:1 solution of Navy

I hope that helps,  Anne

dancingfish (not verified)

Mary, your calculation gave you way too much dye.  Note that 30% of 1.25ml is 0.375ml, not 37.5ml (0.30 x 1.25).  That's very small to measure, which is why Karren was suggesting to dilute the DSS by 100:1 by diluting it twice, as Anne describes.  Once you have diluted the solution by 100:1, the 0.375ml needed becomes 37.5ml.  And that's the amount you use of the diluted solution.  DOS is already used to calculate the original 1.25, as Anne said.  Another way to do it (if you know you are starting with 2% DSS that's been diluted 100:1)  is to use 0.0002 (0.02% DSS) instead of 0.02 (2% DSS) in the first calculation of dye stock, and you'll end up with 125ml of dye stock needed and can apply the percentages from there.



Mary Rios (not verified)

Thanks Anne and Linda - i was able to make the stock, thanks to all the help i received today - although, i suspect something is awry because I have a light brown, not a beige. at least it is in the dye pot -  i did double dilute as suggested. 

i made the mix of 37.5 + 37.5 + 31.2 + 18.7 which was approx 125ml of liquid. i added the 25ml to make up my 3/4 liquor prior to the soda ash. 

thanks everyone for your help today.


Karren K. Brito

I thought light brown was beige.  Mary, how about some notations here instead of words to describe the color.  If your color is too orange or gold, check your navy. Is it all dissolved in the 2% stock solution? check your stock calculations, etc...

Anyhow it is not important what the color is, just if it is reproducible.

Mary Rios (not verified)

Well, i do worry about lots - get myself tangled in knots - even started wetting 3 new skeins, then took it out and put them in the spinner and voila, BEIGE! i just don't have much confidence...yet! Wet beige is certainly not kaiki, more like brown! I have to learn to see this.

The camera flash is deflecting light - the table is one color, but the light of the flash shows it going from light to dark - the chips show this also. The chips are in my humble opinion, 100% alike!

dancingfish (not verified)

Looks good!  I won't mention *all* of the fiascos I got myself into this past weekend as I worked through my dye sessions.  I didn't seem to have much trouble with the color mixing, as my boring beige seemed to turn out consistently (very close to your color, I think), but that's probably because I was giving that super extra attention.  My fiascos had to do with things that I wasn't riveted on.  E.g. I carefully put my first dye solutions and soaked skeins into my dissolving soda ash instead of my dye bath water!  D'oh!  And there was more..