I'm a new weaver and I am about to warp my first project on my own using my new Schacht Flip Loom.  I've previously woven with a  4Harness Floor Loom (about 6 projects now).   I'm having trouble finding out how much loom waste I should add to my warp length for my RH.   One piece of info I have says to plan for 24"of loom waste  (so for a 72 inch scarf,  I would need 72 inches plus 24 inches waste plus 14 inches (20% total 10/10% each) for shrinkage & takeup or 110 inches total.   This seems like a lot of loom waste to me, since my floor loom only needs about 30") and I thought RHs had a lot less loom waste.  Can anyone advise me on this?  Thanks! 


Claudia Segal (not verified)

When weaving on a RH loom, I plan on 18-24" loom waste and about 10% for both shrinkage and take-up. The best way to figure this out is to sample. Try a scarf with the loom waste and shrinkage you have calculated and measure carefully before and after finishing it.

For a scarf 72 " long with a of fringe on each end (taken from loom waste) I usually wind a warp about 110" long. As always, sampling is the only way to be certain. You can add an extra 12" to the warp and weave using the weft you plan on using, cut it off when you are done weaving about 8-10" and cut it in half, stitch up the edges and wet finish half the sample. Measure when you take it off the loom and after finishing. It will give you a good idea of what to expect from the finished scarf.Good luck.

Bonnie Datta (not verified)

You state that the rigid heddle needs 24" and the floor loom needs 30" -- so yes there is less waste with the rigid heddle.  The take up and shrinkage are not loom waste in either case, so don't figure them in for the rigid heddle if you don't figure them in for the floor loom as well!



arubinst (not verified)

Do you plan 10% total for shrinkage & takeup combined, or 10% each.  Also, in general is there a difference if I use cotton & rayon, vs wool?  (I'm allergic to wool). 


Last week I finished my first Flip RH loom project (pictured in my profile), and had the resulting fabric in front of me, so I measured the waste, which is still attached after removing all from the loom. There was just 10" on each end, which is several inches shorter than I've seen suggested. Some causes of variation from this might be how much length you use for tying on -- I'm particularly stingy doing that, and use a square knot rather than a bow. But it worked for me.