Webex class recordings

Hi all,

Webex offers Weavolution the option of recording the weekly classes.  The storage space for the recordings is limited to 1G which translates to about 5 hours of class.  We can give students access to the class using a link to the Webex network recorder/player.  It uses only their proprietary recording player, you cannot play it with any other device.  As students in a Cyber-Fiber class, you can access the player free from any computer when you click on the link for the recorded class.

Due to the storage limitations, we can offer you two weeks of class free of charge.  This means, when Karren records the class on Friday, you will be able to access that class for 2 weeks after the class is recorded.

If everyone in the class wants to be able to have the remaining 11 weeks of class available until 3 weeks after the class ends (September 15th) there will be an additional charge of $35 per person to cover the cost of the additional storage.  This will be a total of 22 hours of classes.  This is an all or nothing offer.  Either you have the current week and the immediately past week for free or the entire 11 weeks.

I need your decision before June 22nd.  Thank you.

Claudia Segal, Weavolution manager



Hi Claudia,

I would be willing to pay the extra $35.00 to have all of the class recordings.




I talked to Claudia about this and don't think we need to purchase the additional time. She reassured me that Karren can record our sessions (all 12) and we have 2 weeks to listen. If we wanted them longer than the 2 weeks, we would need to pay the additional. 



Topic: Predictable Color with Karren Brito-20110617 1558-1Create time: 6/17/11 2:33 pmFile size: 198.37MBDuration: 2 hours 32 minutesDescription:  Streaming recording link: https://weavolution.webex.com/weavolution/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=19385602&rKey=65f0099981d3f80dDownload recording link: https://weavolution.webex.com/weavolution/lsr.php?AT=dw&SP=MC&rID=19385602&rKey=2fcbb46d85f62410

Thanks for posting the link Mary. I'm not sure you can download the recording without the account sign in for wea volution.Webex.com you can listen to the class and view all the shared files with the link. Webex has their own proprietary recorder and you can listen to the class with that