I was looking at your tutorial Laverne and saw you recommended a DK weight cotton that's 13 wpi.  This is larger than 3/2 mercerized cotton so I'm hoping to get some suggestions of appropriate yarns to use since most of the knitting cottons here in the US are so loosely spun.


bolivian warmi

If you are wanting to make your own backstrap, I recommend that weight of mercerized cotton. I actually found exactly the same yarn as I use here in Bolivia at the Mannings. It is made in Brazil as the stuff I use here is and I would swear that it comes from the same factory. It is called Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth Yarn 100% mercerized cotton. It comes in a greater range of colors in the US. Apart from making backstraps,I only use this weight yarn for demonstration purposes and for tutorial photos. It is a nice weight for beginners to learn pick up, easy to see and handle although it makes chunky, clumsy bands - just good for getting the technique down before moving on to a real project with a lighter weight yarn.

You could always try doubling some yarn if you are trying to get something suitable for making a backstrap.

For projects other than a backstrap, I recommend using a number 3 merc crochet cotton to start out like Coats Royale or Patons Grace. These are about 24 wpi. If you are already an inkle weaver or have already done other kinds of pick up, you may be fine starting out straight away with the number 3 weight.

Are you doing the pebble weave tutorial from my book or the backstrap one from my WeaveZine article?

Many people in this group have made their own backstraps with a variety of yarns and I am sure that they will come along and give you more brand names to try.



I like Patons Grace because it comes in lots of colors, is not expensive, available at my local Joann's sewing shop and slides nicely.  I have also found both 3/2 and 5/2 UKI mercerized (that's key) cotton to work very well.  It comes in large and small cones and is a terrific weaving yarn for everything from towels to scarves to backstraps.

Just my 2cents,

ellenspn (not verified)

I'm planning on making the backstrap first, but I have have your pebble weave tutorial as well.

I'm going to Stitches Midwest this weekend so I was wanting to pick something up while I'm there :)


bolivian warmi

Some group members have used Tahki Cotton Classic successfully for their backstraps and love it. It is available at Webs. Check out all the colors! I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some of this to try myself.

Here is Cathyz's backtrap made with this yarn.

ellenspn (not verified)

Didn't find  any of the above, but I did find some cotton yarn from Greece.  Butterfly  Super 10.  It's a cabled yarn and mercerized so should work just fine.

Webs didn't bring any Cotton Classic with them.

Thanks everyone!

bolivian warmi

Great! The stuff I use for backstraps is also cabled so I am sure that what you have bought will work fine as you say. Would appreciate seeing photos at some stage so we can add this yarn to our resources.