this year I am a bit early with my season greeting .the reason is I will be off -line for a while :so to all :Merry Christmas ,all the best for 2010 and ofcourse :Happy weaving in 2010


bolivian warmi

Same to you Jeannine! Is that one of your pieces there on the wall? Too, too bad that you will be off line-we'll miss you. Come back soon.......Have a productive new year!


jeannine (not verified)

the weaving on the wall is a piece in cut pile I made tree years ago.It is my own design(forgot how i came to it)and is called flowergarden because it think it is like a view on a garden from the sky (bird perspectif). I used a strand of  6 thin yarns so i could mix the colours . It took a long time to finish and i don't think  i will do cut pile again soon; It was woven on a homemade  tapestryloom (see projectpage wild flowers)

the weaving on my new avatarphoto is a tapestry  i made years ago .the design is a bended rectagle  filled with colours .It turned out a bit wobly but I still like it.

francorios (not verified)

She's back!

Welcome back!

Have a joyful day!

jeannine (not verified)

thank you franco,

I have seen your latest projects here and on your blog. seems you have been busy weaving a lot lately .the sprang looks good .

wish you a nice day too:)

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