I'm hoping this will be a place for us to report on our ongoing projects (WIP = "works in progress") and finished objects (FO).

My current project is a mohair/silk scarf (yarn is "Douceur et Soie et Amis" from Halcyon) that I am weaving on my rigid heddle loom, temporarily relocated to our three-season porch while my studio undergoes renovation. This is the kind of project a rigid heddle loom is ideal for: a soft, "sticky" but extremely tactile yarn that probably wouldn't survive the warping process on a floor loom. But what a dream to weave: if one were to weave with cobwebs, it would surely feel like this. And the sample I wove and finished is so soft it is practically lighter than air. I chose a tattersall overcheck in black and grey with the hope of creating a featherweight scarf that is also gender non-specific (!); you'll have to tell me at our next gathering whether I succeeded in that goal or not.

What have YOU been working on?


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