Hi Group,

It's been a while since I've made the time to be here on Weavolution.... One question that I am constantly asking and consistantly being asked is:

Where do you get your fiber processed? 

I'd love to know what mills you've tried that you really like for roving and yarn.

I'd like to keep this positive...so let's just pass along names for mills you've had a good experience with and

not use this forum to talk about mills that you haven't liked.


To start it off....

I love Lydia at Gurdy Run Mill in PA for roving.  I like the weight and the ease of spinning from her roving.  She is really good at making the roving that looks handpainted. She takes real care to make sure that the roving is the same throughout the entire run.  The only yarns I've had made are at Zeilinger. I love that I can take my fleeces to a fiber show and save on at least one way of shipping charges. I also like that I can give them raw fleeces and the roving and yarn comes back completely clean and mostly free of vegie matter.  


I'd love to hear what mills you have used and liked!!




Karren K. Brito

Some mills specialize in one kind of fiber, I have been working with alpaca lately and finding places that work with pure suri alpaca is hard.  Also what kind of roving/ yarn you want determines who can make it. 

So are you working with sheep's wool, BFL or merino? do you want just natural colored roving ? knitting yarns?

In my experience the amount of VM in the roving is in part determined by the care of the fleece while on the animal and the post-shearing processing, ie, skirting.

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