I'm so excited and very pleased to find this group!  I’m an Anglican priest and when I recently moved to a new parish, my old parish gave me a generous gift to buy any stoles or robes I needed. I have suggested that instead I should weave myself a set of stoles, chasuble orphreys and a cassock alb, going through the liturgical seasons. My new post is half time, so I have time to weave again seriously  for the first time since ordination.  My plan is to blog as I go through so they can see what I am doing. 

Lent colours have arrived - I’m planning to start quite simply. I’m wondering about a tablet-woven stole. Has anyone woven the fabric for a cassock alb?  What yarn did you use?



I'm just finishing the fabric for a Lenten stole for one of our priests.  20/2 silk, space dyed and woven in a 3/1 twill pattern called Horizontal Bell Celtic (The Handweavers Pattern Directory, Anne Dixon).  One of the resources you may find helpful is Elizabeth Morgan's website www.churchlinens.com.  She has a lot of information on constructing stoles, vestments, as well as all types of church linens.  My wife has used her booklet and pattern kit for constructing stoles after I weave the fabric.

The Prayerful Weaver

I've just joined the Weavoluion community and came across your post on here from 2018, and the reply you received, because it came up when I was searching for info about the Bell Celtic twill! I'm wondering how you got on with your weaving and what is the name of your blog? I have been asked if I could weave a Deacons stole for someone I know who is getting ordained next June. I'm currently thinking and praying about that. God seems to have led me to the Weavolution community and this group, to give me help with my friends request! Hoping things are going well for you in your new-ish parish. 

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