I just purchased this beautiful table loom and I think I may need to adjust the shafts. Should they be all the way to the bottom of the loom when the levers are up? The warp that is on it doesn’t travel in a straight line from front to back beam. Is that a problem? I am used to my floor looms where the warp is in a straight line. Also, in the first picture I think it looks like the beater is on backwards.....it looks like the shuttle race is at the back. I’d like some input on these two things as this type of loom is totally new to me! Thanks for any help you can offer. Sorry if these photos are turned sideways...they inserted in this manner even though my original was not rotated. I hope you can see what I am referring to!




It does appear that your beater is on backwards - like you said, the race is on the wrong side.  As far as the shaft position, it’s hard to see from your photos, but on my loom the warp does not travel in a straight line from back to front beam.  There is a slight downward deflection of about 1” where the warp passes through the heddles. 


Thank you for that help! This warp deflects about an inch in the middle as well. The levers work just fine and make a nice open shed. I’ll remove the old warp that was on it and turn the beater around. A little cleaning and she should be good to go! 


it looks like race on your beater bar is simply bolted in place.  You might be able to undo those bolts and then switch the race to the other side without having to undo the entire beater assembly and warp.

just a thought.