I want to try spinning.


After they are spun, how do I set the twist, full, ......


Help please





For unplied singles, best to wrap it on a niddy noddy off the bobbin, then submerge the whole thing in water for a good while, until it's completely saturated. Then take it out and let it dry quite a bit before taking it off the niddy noddy. You want to do this so it doesn't ply itself and dry with kinks, which it will want to do if you try to set it without tension. I made a pvc niddy noddy for this exact reason, I didn't want to submerge my wood ones : )


Erica J

The above advice is great for overspun singles. It depends on if you want to spin for warp and weft, or just one or the other. Singles were used for centuries in the earliest weavings.

You can weave with balanced singles. You can slightly full them between spinning and weaving. I would leave a bit of fulling still to go after the weaving is completed. I hope this helps! Thanks for asking  such a grat question!

Oregon Weaver

This is great advice! Putting a PVC niddy noddy on my "to do" list this weekend.

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