Hi, everyone I wanted a big floor loom after takeing a weaving class in college 50 years ago but never had the money to buy one or place to build or put one.  So, when my son milled a maple log into lumber 3 years ago,  He gave me a whole stack of rough sawn maple so I could build one.  Like others who have wanted to build a loom, I found that decent plans for what I wanted were not readily available.  I drew up my own plans based mainly on the Glimakra Standard 47" loom. 

I added a teadle spreader ( that I will notch for locking the treadles later) to limit treadle drift.  No joints are glued and will not be be glued.   I used mortice and tenon joints secured in place with semi-consealed bed bolts for the two gables and dovetail joints for the cloth cross beam and breast beam.  I used the same type of joint for the warp beam as was used on the Glimakra warp crossbeam.  The pictures will show that I have not cut the groove to seat the reed in the beater.  I will wait until I purchase the reed (stainless steel) so I can measure for a proper fit.  I made the ratchet gears from  1/4 "aluminum plate.  If the aluminum doesn't hold up I will make new ones from plate steel.  Aluminum is easier to work.Ron's Loom



Thanks for thinking about sufficient space for warping.  I think I will set up the loom  in the middle of the bedroom with the warp beam side faceing and in line with the hall way.  I plan on doing back to front warping and that should give me plenty of room with the bedroom door open.


I placed my loom in the middle of an upstairs bedroom with the warp beam faceing and in line with the the hallway and set up a trapeze so the warp could double back from the breast beam in front of the loom and pass through the raddle for proper spreading of the warp while winding.  The earlier suggestion that the hand wheels might need more than one handle was absolutely right.  I really struggle with cranking it with only one and will post pictures after I make the modifications.  If anyone is interested in how I made the trapeze, I will post pictures of that also.  It is quite simple to make, set up and remove for weaving. 


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With high ceilings, a good trapeze/valet setup can buy you an extra 8-10 feet! ;-) 

Beautiful work Ron. I love the burling in the sides. It'll be interesting to see her in action.

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