I was really please to discover that the Sheepspot podcast is back to doing audio podcast releases! I went back to the oldest episode I had not yet listened to and Sasha discussed building a spinning library. She hihgly recommeneded SpinOff and said she really liked the direction it has gone in. So I thought I would check it out. Has anyone else ready the Spring/Summer 2021 issue?

I'm intrigued by the Rainbow Natural Dye Pot Article, starting on page 28. However I'm not sure I quite understand exactly how the layering works. She gives the layering order for the very beginning, but does not give a final example of layering. I think you end with dyestuff and the purpose of the cheese cloth is to lift the dye stuff off the dyed wool? I'm hoping someone here has already tried this and can answer my question. I'd also love to see your results!

Happy Spinnign and Weaving!

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