Hello,  I bought a used Toika 8S/8T Liisa loom.  I am having trouble understanding how to tie the shaft cords to the lams to the treadles.  There are 17 holes on each lam, upper and lower.  So what holes do you put the shaft cords in relationship to the shafts from the center?

Thank you for any assistance.


Joanne Hall

Right above the treadles that you want to use.  You might want to get a copy of my book, Tying up the Countermarch Loom, from Glimakra USA.



Hi Everyone,

I am trying to decide what type of warping mill to purchase. I am looking at the Toika 3m. When looking at  the onlie pictures, it does not look like one can move the cross bar up and down the length of the warping mill. I did receive a couple of picures from the Toika American distributors, which came from Toika, that show a cross bar that might be moveable. The pictures contain a bolt and wing nut fasener that uses tension to tighten the crossbar and another bar. The two pictures come with a Finnish description, which I tried to translate but my translation is not accurate. It looks like the crossbar is moveable, up and down, in the lower section of the warping mill, but I cannot tell if the crossbar, along with the bolt and wingnut, and  the crossbar, can accually be removed, so I can move it to another section, up higher, on the warping mill.

Other standing warping mills, that I have seen pictures of, have screw holes up and down the warping mill that one uses to move the crossbar.

Any help will be appreciated.


I have two warping mills, one with horizontals that bolt through holes in the uprights, and one that clamps on the uprights.  Both move, but I very, very rarely move them.  It's much easier to just space the rounds out more.

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