Hello fellow Bergman owners,

I have two Bergmans, a 4S 35ish" and an 8S 44ish" weaving width and I have a question, two actually.  My 8S came with 3 different sized raddles but they don't seem to fit anywhere on the loom.  My camera isn't handy so I'm going to try to describe them:  The bottom board has the "pins" and the upper board has a groove for them to sit in.  Both the top and bottom boards have a peg on each end but I don't know where they should be attached (or how) to the loom, does anyone know what I'm talking about and have some info to share?  The same loom came with a 2nd back beam and what I believe are rakes to be attached to use as a sectional beam, any idea what was used to join them?  The holes in the beam and rakes look to be the size of a nail, if that helps.

If any of you have any information you'd like to share about your loom, or Bergmans in general, I'd love to hear from you.

I'll take some pictures of the looms and their ID numbers in the next few days, maybe there are some close relatives in the area.



Joanne Hall

Raddles are commonly hung from the castle, in the center of the loom.  That way the lease sticks can be between the raddle and the warp beam so that the warp will beam on smoothly.

I don't know about the sectional beams.  Look to see if the wood matches the loom.  They might have been added by a previous owner.


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