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New intro and outro music Bring Me the Sky by Scott Buckley https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/

Finished objects:

Michelle has been working on macrame plant hangers.

This teardrop white one is a shape that she likes, but the execution of the bottom is not quite right. 

She finished this orange plant hanger, but hasn't put a plant in it yet.


Works in Progress

Michelle is working on a version of the white teardrop in blue, without the tassel on the bottom. She learned how to make other plant hangers without tassels but is working on figuring out how to make this kind on her own.


Second pair of hand knit socks!


Damask trim


Works in Progress

Duelling Club Fingerless Mitt two from Knitting Magic. Erica has had quite the journey knitting this pair of fingerless mitts. It has taught her a lot and has been quite fun and funny!

The journey even including making her own "circular needles".

Erica really appreciates the spining her friend Julian and Kristin have done. She is having a blast winding the warp and looks forward to weaving cloth that they will share!