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Intro and Outro Music: Sundown by Joseph McDade, thank you!

Finished Objects:

Michelle has the drum carder from her local library. She finished carding Evan's fleece.

In the process she picked out lots of locks to use in needle felting. Here is a sampling of the different locks from this fleece.

Michelle made a tall gnome to go with some of the long locks from Evan's fleece.

Michelle received a request from a friend for some cloth face masks. Michelle's friend works with the elderly and wants to be able to protect them and her family and asked specifically for ones that you can insert a tissue into because that provides a better barrier than the cloth alone.  

Erica finished her tweed yarn. This yarn was spun from superwash targhee and silk she carded together. She spun one single and plied that bobbin with itself using a center pull ball. Erica plans to try this again with fewer passes through the drum carded to see how that changes the yarn.

Erica plied together her Organic Polwarth Graffiti and Graffiti Interrupted singles, She is  very pleased with the results. Plying two different color ways together can produce a variety of results.
Erica has gotten back to her Advent Calendar spinning, now that she is working at home and can reclaim her commute time! :) She has spun two more combed tops from the fiber advent calendar and most of a third. The first combed top she spun from the advent calendar was spun as a 3 ply and is complete.

Finished or WIP?
Michelle has pulled out her dye pot for the first time in a few years and is trying to dye some locks. They dyed well, but they need to dry before Michelle can determine how well the locks held up.

Here is the tub and mesh bag Michelle mentioned that should help her keep the locks in better condition.

Works in progress:
Michelle has started to card another Icelandic fleece. This one is most likely a moorit (brown) gray spotted fleece. Unfortunately she misplaced the card that was with this fleece, so she can't check with the farm for confirmation. Yarn from this fleece will be a lovely light brown when finished. 
Erica has started knitting a pair of  fingerless mitts for a colleague who is retiring. These were meant to be a useful gift for work, but as with many things life got in the way until now!

Erica is still working on knitting a pair of socks for TJ (green) and a pair of socks for herself. She has now turned her first short row heel! So far the short row heel is her favorite heel.   

Erica has spun two of her advent calendar tops as singles, the green single will probably become part of her "crazy yarn", aka plied with all the other left over singles from previous spinning projects. The purple silk single will be plied with itself, as a 2 ply yarn.